Digital pathology hub

Medica hosted a fantastic event to unveil their new pathology hub in Runcorn, Cheshire, on November 15th, 2023, at The Heath Business & Technical Park.

It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit very windy. The event kicked off with a warm welcome and snacks. It was a great time for everyone to make introductions and get ready for an afternoon of interesting talks and demos. Over 20 attended in total, 16 of which were external to Medica and potential referrers of the future.

Kevin Terrins, Group Director of Corporate Development, gave an overview of the MedPath project and a brief talk on Medica Group’s geography, scale and services. Kevin announced that there would be a formal ribbon cutting and the group can be seen in the photos looking poised for the ceremonious scissor snip as the ribbon fell to the ground there was a round of applause and big smiles from Stuart Quin, CEO and Dr Kishore Gopalakrishnan, Clinical Director – Pathology.

Kishore then shared his insights into what makes the hub unique and the importance of a unified code, how it enhances information sharing, and its role in integrating lab technology. The presentations were followed by questions from those that attended and it was evident that there was a lot of interest in the innovative features and tech that are to be implemented into the work flow in MedPath’s services.

Rachael Nicholson, our lab expert, then gave a live demo of the impressive slide scanner, where we saw incredible images of pathology slides on a screen, swirling purple and pinks, sharply defined and most significantly, digital!

The event wrapped up with a relaxed networking session. Attendees had the chance to chat with speakers, fellow colleagues, and the Medica team. It was an opportunity for genuine conversations, idea exchange, and building connections within the pathology community.

In summary, Medica’s unveiling of the pathologist hub was a great success. The event successfully brought together key players in medicine, provided a platform for idea-sharing, and it underscored Medica’s commitment to shaping the future of pathology. For further information on the new service, please email