In a significant milestone, Medica has successfully completed the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment, marking a pivotal step in aligning with the NHS’s net zero and sustainability aspirations. The achievement highlights Medica’s dedication to supporting NHS sustainability priorities and improving progress in this important area.

Attaining level 2 in the assessment, Medica has demonstrated its commitment to comprehensive net zero targets and reporting for carbon emissions. This accolade not only showcases the company’s proactive stance towards environmental responsibility but also reinforces its role as a leading advocate for sustainable business practices within the healthcare sector.

“Our attainment of level 2 underscores our commitment to advancing sustainability initiatives within the NHS,” stated Ben Garlick, Head of Commercial, at Medica. “We are proud to align ourselves with the NHS’s environmental goals and contribute meaningfully towards creating a more sustainable future for all.”

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote transparency and accountability, Medica invites stakeholders to delve deeper into its sustainable business approach through its ESG report. The report provides comprehensive insights into Medica’s sustainability strategies, initiatives, and performance metrics, reflecting the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and social accountability.

To access Medica’s ESG report and learn more about our sustainable business practices, please visit here.