Medica is pleased to announce the launch of a customised appraisal and revalidation platform for its reporters, in partnership with L2P Enterprise Ltd.


The Medica Clinical Governance team used an in-house system to manage assurance and appraisals prior to implementing the L2P platform. L2P, which went live on 11th January 2021, makes it easier for reporters to provide and maintain all the documentation required to report for Medica. It will also help to optimise workflow and support the expansion of services.

L2P facilitates:

  • Appraisals and revalidation for NHS doctors
  • Independent Sector Appraisal Process (IWPA)
  • Managing Practicing Privileges
  • Secure storage of indemnity insurance and management of notifications for renewal
  • Secure storage of mandatory training records and the management of notification reminders
  • Dashboard for oversight of Practicing Privileges and Appraisal/Revalidation process.

Julie West, Head of Governance and Compliance said

“L2P have been great to work with and continue to be very responsive to any queries we or our reporters have. The Clinical Governance team have adapted to the new system really well, and early feedback from a number of our reporters has been very positive. We are confident that this is the best solution for the team and our growing reporter base.”

Jim McLaughlin, Director of L2P Enterprise Ltd added

“We are pleased to be working with the UK’s leading teleradiology provider. Building on the very solid foundations of Medica’s well-run process, our intuitive appraisal system is packed with innovative features that will support Medica as it continues to expand in the coming years.  We hope to save Medica many hundreds of hours per year and make everything ever-easier for clinicians, appraisers and managers alike.”

Stephen Davies, Medical Director and Responsible Officer at Medica said

“The move to a full appraisal management system with L2P will support Medica in achieving its governance requirements for practicing privileges and support reporters in meeting their appraisal and revalidation needs. The L2P platform will provide a scalable, user-friendly resource for reporter and governance. The dashboard function will assist the team in monitoring process and providing myself and the Board with process assurance”.