Medica is delighted to announce the successful launch of phase 1 of MedPath, featuring the implementation of a glass slide workflow. This achievement closely follows the recent opening of Medica’s glass slide scanning hub in Runcorn. This allows clients to send us glass slides which are then converted into digital images empowering Medica’s pathology team to provide histopathology reporting support to hospitals nationwide, addressing challenges such as NHS staff shortages, reporting backlogs, and supporting MDT collaboration to meet cancer waiting time targets. This milestone underscores Medica’s dedication to leading in telehealth by utilising digital pathology solutions to improve healthcare services.

Expressing gratitude for the team’s efforts, Darren DaCosta, MedPath Project Lead, stated, “I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved in reaching this point. Your dedication and hard work have been instrumental, showcasing immense future potential in these early stages of our digital pathology journey.”

As celebrations unfold, it’s crucial to note that the journey doesn’t conclude here. The project team is gearing up for phase 2, focusing on digital workflow and centralising operational tasks, set to go live in early 2024. Medica remains steadfast in fostering advancements in healthcare technology, with phase 2 of MedPath poised to further streamline digital workflow processes, reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-quality pathology services.