Stuart Quin

Group Chief Executive Officer

Richard Jones

Group Chief Financial Officer

Dr Robert Lavis

Group Medical Director

Dr Maxine Murray

Governance Lead – Clinical Audit

Dr Ronny Sandhu

Clinical Engagement Lead

Dr Danya R Jeffrey

Governance Lead – Appraisal

Caroline Byrne

Managing Director - Ireland

Kevin Terrins

Business Development Director

Marc O’Brien

Chief Information Officer
Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns

Chief Operating Officer

Philip Bradley

Head of Reporter Liaison

Samantha Davey

Head of Programme Delivery

Ian Edwards

Head of Information Security & Risk

David Evans

Functional Architect

Sarah Penny

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis

Fiona Carr

Group Head of Human Resources

Ben Garlick

Commercial Manager

Rob Harrison

Director of IT

Nathan Hitchman

Head of Systems Development

Suzanne Stevens

Head of Recruitment

Gary Thompsett

Head of Service Delivery

Ben Tromans

Head of Service Development & Deployments

Julie West

Head of Governance & Compliance