Tom Riall


Andrew Cannon

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Jones

Group Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Quin

Non-Executive Director
Dan O'Neill Medica

Daniel O’Neill

Non-Executive Director
Pete Wilson Medica

Pete Wilson

Non-Executive Director

Marc O’Brien

Chief Information Officer
Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns

Managing Director - UK

Caroline Byrne

Managing Director - Ireland

Kim Scanlan

Managing Director - RadMD

Dr Mark Regi

Clinical Lead - UK

Dr Robert Lavis

Chief Medical Officer
MedPath Clinical Lead

Dr Kishore Gopalakrishnan

Clinical Director - Pathology

Dr Sarah Perrin

Clinical Lead – Appraisal

Kevin Terrins

Group Director of Corporate Development

Fiona Carr

Group Head of Human Resources

Holly Ainger

Group Head of Marketing and Communications

Dr Garry Pettet

Clinical Lead - Audit