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Julie West

Head of Governance & Compliance

Julie is a qualified Diagnostic Radiographer (BSc. Hons, Medical Imaging) who joined Medica in January 2013 having worked in the NHS for 13 years. As head of governance and compliance she is responsible for managing the Clinical Governance (CG) team.

Clinical Governance facilitate discrepancy and query management through our bespoke Insight system as well as delivering quality assurance of reporting through robust audit processes; new reporter entry and internal background audit as well as an external audit service for clients. The team also manage the independent whole practice and designated body appraisal processes. In order to promote best practice the team maintain an on-line resource library of clinical guidelines written by the clinical team in line with nationally emerging advice on best practice. In addition the team also publish regular educational case reviews based on outcomes from discrepancies and identified interesting cases so that the learning from these can be shared with the wider reporting cohort.