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Reporting for Medica - Reporting with the full picture, why settle for anything less?

Some things in life are essential, and for our reporters, access to the full picture is one of them, giving you all the information at your fingertips.

Reporting for Medica means you create your own work pattern. Supporting our hospitals doesn’t have to come at the cost of being late for dinner or missing parents’ evening. We will work collaboratively together to create a healthy work life balance. Our reporters work when it suits them, where it suits them; a lot or a little. The choice is yours and our support makes it happen.

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"At Medica, you benefit from a system that is just like ‘looking into’ the hospital – having the same information that a radiologist in-house would have means I never feel like I am compromising on quality."

Consultant Radiologist


Experience reporting which you control

As a Medica reporter, you will already be working in healthcare bringing your experience, expertise, knowledge and passion with you.

You’ll be working with us around your shifts or we could be your only employment, because every reporter is different.

Our workforce is flexible, fluid and responsive to both industry and your needs. You’ll be helping the NHS to reduce waiting times, give patients their results faster and help the clinicians to work more efficiently.

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Overseas Teleradiologist

Keep a hand in the NHS, no matter where you are

If you are GMC-registered with NHS experience, we want you to be part of the Medica reporting team.

Our overseas reporters are working abroad with us for many reasons. Some have left the UK permanently, some take on seasonal work with us, working for a few months at a time across the year, whilst others have two homes. Whatever the reason, they still do the job they love!

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Newly Qualified Teleradiologist

Tailored reporting around your new role

We are currently looking into opportunities for reporters who do not meet our 2 years substantive experience in the NHS, and have adopted a new introduction into Teleradiology with a tailor made approach.

With an initial start of Plain Film reporting for the first 3 months, and then step into our NightHawk and Acute CT service, we can make your start to your Radiologist career as smooth and safe as possible whilst you settle into your new role. As you may know, our NightHawk service is our most lucrative and is a great service to be involved in.

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Employed Teleradiologist

Lead the way in teleradiology and experience the full package

If you’re wanting to experience the full teleradiology package, which includes involvement behind the scenes as well as reporting, than a career with Medica could be your next step, whether in the UK or overseas.

Medica is a Designated Body and as such, in addition to monthly feedback, we undertake an annual appraisal with all radiologists using the Independent Sector Form. This provides supporting evidence for your GMC revalidation obligations.

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Reporting Radiographer

Consistent work with radiologist support, the way reporting should be

This is a really exciting time to join the UK’s leading teleradiology company, that is on the front foot, growing rapidly and enhancing the Radiographer Reporting service we provide. With opportunities in Chest, MSK and Abdo reporting, we support 50% of the NHS and have an incredible amount of work available for radiographers wanting to report remotely from home.

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Retired Teleradiologist

Coming to the end of your career and evaluating how you want to spend many years of retirement? Medica can offer you the most flexible package of keeping your skills that you’ve worked so hard for, by creating a bespoke reporting pattern around your needs, time and balance of life you want to have.

With Medica being able to act as a Designated Body, we can keep your GMC Specialist registration active and offering appraisals. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore or find out some more information, please get in touch!

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Our values

Patient first and truly collaborative

We are focused on our goal of improved patient experience and outcome and achieve so much more together by working in a collegiate and cooperative way.

Adaptive and pioneering

We strive to offer the best at all times which means adapting our services and using pioneering software and technologies to ensure the best customer and patient experience.

Responsive and accountable

We are responsive and flexible in our approach, processes and services in order to meet the changing requirements of our customers. We take our responsibilities seriously and act professionally at all times.

Excellence in our DNA

We strive to offer the best at all times which means adapting our services and using pioneering software and technologies to ensure the best customer and patient experience.

Equality and diversity

High standards, reliability, teamwork and communication are the ingredients needed for a successful Medica team. Each employee and reporter brings a wealth of career and life backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and passion to create our dedicated team.  Working side by side and shoulder to shoulder.

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