Providing safe, timely and responsive reporting to manage your key elective performance targets.

Our patient focused reporting service has been designed and refined in collaboration with more than 100 UK NHS trusts. Our service offers the full equivalence to in-house reporting, using experienced radiologists, for Plain Film, CT and MRI.

A global network of 500+ specialist doctors and radiographers

years successful delivery to over 100 NHS Trusts

What you can expect from Medica

Fast turnaround times

Reports provided reliably within agreed and clinically appropriate timeframes.

Quality assurance

Detailed quality assurance process to monitor the standard of radiology reporting.

Capacity to meet your needs

Over 460 reporters with an internationally growing team, providing the reporting you need, when you need it.

Access to patient information

Reports made with access to all wider patient information, reports and imaging without the need for involving local hospital staff.

Capacity Management

We are able to meet your reporting needs now and in the future. Our new approach to managing capacity from reporters and demand from clients using our global network of reporters, and with better tools, means that we are responsive and adaptable with reporting sessions available when you need them.

Performance Reporting

Detailed and actionable data about how your teleradiology service is running, which supports continuous improvement and improved outcomes. Information is available both live and monthly.

Reporting Demand Forecasting

Intelligent use of historical data means we can share information with hospitals about likely future needs, without such heavy reliance on local hospital administration. This means we can help you prepare for pressure periods and maintain your reporting KPIs throughout.

Safe communication of clinically significant findings

Safe, transparent and effective process for managing urgent findings, discrepancies, reporter queries and feedback.

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“The service provided by Medica has been highly responsive and delivered with the utmost professionalism and tailored to our specific needs.”

Simon Harvey
Head of Diagnostics
BMI Healthcare

BMI Healthcare is an independent provider of private healthcare, offering treatment to private patients, medically insured patients, self-pay and NHS patients.

115 different specialties and services and offered across 59 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. Medica partners with BMI Healthcare to provide quality assurance audit and routine reporting across an increasing number of its hospitals.

Our Quality Assurance

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