Emergency reporting 24/7

Delivering pioneering diagnostic support to the Acute care environment. Reporting provided by teams of over 25 radiologists at peak times, and in under 30 minutes, with dedicated pathways for Stroke and Major Trauma.

AI enhanced workflow for stroke reporting

Real-time monitoring

years successful delivery to over 100 NHS Trusts

What you can expect from Medica

Fast turnaround times

Over 80% of all reports provided in under 30 mins. KPI’s of 30 mins, 60 mins and 4hrs with exam prioritisation at all times according to the referral type.

Quality assurance

Detailed quality assurance process to monitor the standard of radiology reporting.

Optimised referral to report solution

We have designed each step from referral, through to scan and report to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

NightHawk Portal

Providing live visibility and accountability, including a record of referral justification under IR(ME)R.

Referral activity management

The NightHawk Portal is our workflow management and data capture tool. Analysis shows that hospitals who use the referral data to engage with their referring colleagues save resources, activity and ultimately cost by up to 13% per annum.

Focused Major Trauma and Stroke pathways

Together, we optimise every step in the chain to improve outcomes for patients and compliance with national targets.

Performance Reporting

Detailed and actionable data about how your teleradiology service is running, which supports continuous improvement and improved outcomes. Information is available both live and monthly.

Shared national best practice

We share best practice from the largest Out of Hours client base in the UK, to support ongoing enhancement of the service to patients.

“NightHawk sessions are filled with complex cases in a high intensity environment where patient care is our utmost priority. The Medica NightHawk Portal is my virtual dashboard, allowing me to not only manage my worklist effectively but it also streamlined communication with all relevant team members and clinicians to ensure the best in patient care. It provides real time information at my fingertip and allows me to do my job safer and better”

Medica Reporter

Augmented Intelligence

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“Medica is proactive, providing detailed reports and highlighting trends on referral rates and the number of scans accepted so that we have oversight of the service and potential future demand.”

Ketul Patel
Consultant Radiologist
Clinical Lead for Diagnostics and Support Services
Croydon University Hospital Croydon University Hospital

Medica partners with Croydon Health Services NHS Trust to provide NightHawk and Elective and Specialist reporting support. The partnership has been in place for over 10 years.

Our Quality Assurance

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specialist services

Clinically specialised, timely and responsive reporting



Safe, timely and responsive reporting to manage your key elective performance targets.