What makes us different

As the UK's leading teleradiology provider, we recognise that innovation in partnership leads to better patient outcomes.

We are a reliable and trusted partner to over 50% of Acute NHS organisations and here is why:

Size and experience

years successful delivery to over 100 clients

What you can expect from Medica

Fast, accurate reporting when you need it most

Leading the way in response times, our NightHawk service consistently outperforms our competitors.

In September 2020, 50% of our NightHawk exams were reported in under 15 mins, and 80% in under 30 minutes.

Clinical focus

Best practice approach to the recruitment, management and credentialing of reporters, supported by a tech platform designed to provide all relevant patient history.

Partnership approach

We work collaboratively to understand our customers’ needs and meet their requirements. It is why our customers choose to stay with us for so long. We are proud to say that on average our customers have been with us for over 8 years.

Full service offering

With the largest number of GMC-registered radiologists delivering reporting for the to the UK we are the perfect partner to meet all your needs. Our team of radiologists provide a comprehensive range of reporting specialties.

Turning data in to information

Live, actionable data on your service supporting continuous improvement and enhanced decision making.

Advanced technology infrastructure

Our IT and software development teams connect a seamless network of over 100 hospitals to our global team of reporters, sharing imaging in minutes and providing reports for fast and effective patient management.

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Our emergency service, providing 24/7 diagnostic reporting and support for acute care settings.


Our accreditations

We pride ourselves on our quality and excellence.



Safe, timely and responsive reporting to manage your key elective performance targets.


Specialist Services

Clinically specialised, timely and responsive reporting.