Clinical quality assurance in radiology and pathology reporting

At Medica we have a detailed clinical quality assurance process to monitor the standard of radiology and pathology reporting.

We use a unique system, developed by Medica’s outstanding clinical leadership team and a secure audit management system, InSight™, which Medica has also developed in-house to support the process.

Our quality assurance audit process

Clinical audits of radiology and pathology reporting are based upon a continuous fixed percentage sample of each reporter’s output. The analysis of discrepancies, both from the rolling audit and cases reported by the referring hospitals, are reviewed by trained and experienced auditors.

Unique in-house system

Medica has developed a secure and unique system in-house for assessing discrepancies. Our system focuses on a set of criteria: observation, interpretation, communication and risk of harm to patients. The data output from the review informs quality improvement.

Experienced clinical oversight

Medica’s clinical leadership team has many years of experience in identifying and understanding patterns of discrepancy. The data is taken in conjunction with a full case review context. This leads to quality improvement through communication with reporters in a reflective, developmental environment.

Tailored feedback

Feedback to reporters is a key step in our quality assurance process, delivered by the clinical leadership team. Each reporter is also provided with a tailored monthly feedback report that enables rapid review of audit results on both a monthly and annual trend basis.

External auditing

Medica uses the same principles developed from our in-house system for reporters to assist external providers in evaluating their reporters. This is an ‘External Client Audit System’ Medica has developed as a second unique management system to support the process.

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With more than 20 years’ experience, we deliver fast, responsive, quality assured and cost-effective radiology diagnostics and pathology reporting services.

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