What is teleradiology

Teleradiology is the transmission and display of radiological images, such as CT scans and X-Rays, in a location independent of the location the patient is imaged. It allows specialist doctors (Radiologists) to provide an expert and timely report to allow clinicians to decide on the best treatment for their patients.

Patient in scanner

Patient imaged in healthcare facility

Images transmitted to our 24/7 support team, who send them on to a specialist from our team of global reporters

Expert reporter reviews the images and the patients clinical history and creates a report detailing what the images show

Report sent back to clinician to inform patient treatment in an average of 24 minutes for our emergency service

Teleradiology with Medica

Our platform enables the secure electronic transmission of radiological patient images from one location to another, for the purposes of diagnostic interpretation and reporting by highly-qualified radiologist experts. Through teleradiology, images can be transmitted from the hospital setting, where the images are created, to a reporter who can review and report on the images remotely. In the case of Medica, these reporters comprise consultant radiologists, reporting radiographers and rheumatologists, all specialising in their relevant field, who typically report on the images from their own home. Teleradiology improves patient care by enabling reporters to provide their services remotely, thereby facilitating the rapid availability of trained specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Clinical support

Radiologists are available to discuss or clarify reports with the clients

Technical support

Experienced in-house technical team offering full support 24/7

Robust network

Dual data centre and multiple contingency systems providing a robust and resilient network

A strong network

A network linking Medica’s over 450 reporters with over 100 hospitals

Reporting with the full picture

Access to prior reports and images

Saves time

Our platform has the unique ability to access the client's RIS, saving the client time

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