Passionate about making a difference

Medica is collaborative, empowering and supportive, offering each one of our talented team the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We firmly believe that we learn and achieve more together. We are determinedly collegiate and non-hierarchical and treat our colleagues,
partners and customers with warmth and respect.

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"Medica provides me with everything I need; I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else. I know that the processes, systems, and teams involved will help me to provide a quality service."

Consultant Radiologist

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We operate as a family business and we still maintain our family ethos with core principles; where the personal touch is important and where we are passionately committed to delivering clinical excellence.

We may work remotely but we’re by your side no matter what role you have with us.


"It’s more than just a job”

At Medica, rewards and benefits go way beyond just flexibility of work and pay. Working with Medica gives you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across multiple countries, sharing ideas and transferring knowledge.  We know you and want to give you more than just a job, which is why our support extends to training and personal development too.

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Rewards beyond the wages

Our values

Patient first and truly collaborative

We are focused on our goal of improved patient experience and outcome and achieve so much more together by working in a collegiate and cooperative way.

Adaptive and pioneering

We strive to offer the best at all times which means adapting our services and using pioneering software and technologies to ensure the best customer and patient experience.

Responsive and accountable

We are responsive and flexible in our approach, processes and services in order to meet the changing requirements of our customers. We take our responsibilities seriously and act professionally at all times.

Excellence in our DNA

Our reliability and quality of delivery is what our customer’s value most highly about Medica. We are always prepared to go the extra mile to deliver a service that adds value and exceeds expectations.

Equality and diversity

High standards, reliability, teamwork and communication are the ingredients needed for a successful Medica team. Each employee and reporter brings a wealth of career and life backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and passion to create our dedicated team.  Working side by side and shoulder to shoulder.

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Reporting for MedicaCareers

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