Our technology

From an AI-driven prioritisation tool to utilising telemedicine platforms, we’re reshaping healthcare for the future.

Introducing MedConnect™

MedConnect™ is our unique HL7 integration workflow delivering safe, reduced client administration and high quality clinical reports.

  • A teleradiology HL7 connection that does not compromise on full access to patient information
  • Bi-directional HL7 messaging
  • Proprietary technical setup with uniquely developed technology
  • Vendor/radiology system neutral – can be connected to any existing HL7 bi-directional radiology architecture

Full clinical history when reporting

Fast and secure

Maximum efficiency for local radiology

24/7 professional support


An award winning AI integration

For faster prioritisation and reporting of intracranial haemorrhage, we’ve added AI powered CT Brain solution to our acute teleradiology reporting workflow.

Our partnership with Qure.ai

qER algorithm: A decision support tool to analyse non contrast studies, flagging up possible abnormalities allowing prioritisation of reporting based on clinical priority as opposed to chronological allocation.

The tool also highlights potential critical findings to reporters, which can be integrated into their diagnosis, transforming a radiologists’ experience of CT brain analysis and improving the speed of medical diagnosis of acute stroke.

Further information is available here.

VDI reporting

Medica has implemented a cloud-based solution which provides overseas reporters with an excellent service and user experience. This is achieved by moving the core workstation functionality from the Reporter’s desktop workstation to a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), hosted in the Azure cloud.

Using global infrastructure service providers such as Microsoft and utilising their connectivity reduces the reliance on public networks like the Internet and increases connectivity speeds.  Moving the final image transfer endpoint to a local cloud datacentre and streaming the desktop to the reporter’s desk via a secure web tunnel, removes the reliance on the Reporter’s internet connection for large image set data transfers.

Our end point solution, provided by Citrix DaaS (Desktop as a Service) interconnected to Microsoft Azure, is a purpose-built platform with tailored profiles correctly sized for heavy graphics users, designed to optimise performance to allow fast, reliable 24/7 reporting.

The introduction of VDI for overseas reporting bolsters Medica’s pool of GMC reporters.  This enables us to provide more flexibility to our clients, particularly around including subspecialty expertise, and crucially allows us to take advantage of world time differences.

NightHawk Portal

Emergency referrals and examinations are tracked through our dynamic workflow management system – The NightHawk Portal.

The Portal provides:

  • 2-way communication, live updates, and intelligent interactive dashboards
  • The fastest possible teleradiology workflow for radiographers and referrers, giving your staff more time to focus on each patient
  • Radiographers with full visibility of justification and protocolling from the referral discussion and provides a single location showing all the relevant data for each case

We see a consistent reduction in out of hours activity in hospitals that use the data to engage with referring colleagues leading to tighter gatekeeping of referrals, improved workflow, and a reduction in spend.


up to 13% reduction in annual referral rates


saving 10 minutes on average per patient

Faster workflow for referrals and radiographer

Acute Intracranial Haemorrhage identified by AI tool

Permanent record of justification under IR(ME)R

Live visibility for hospital staff of every patient through every stage

Referral activity data capture

InSight discrepancy management system

Medica has a logging, tracking and management system called ‘InSight’ for specific queries, or perceived errors in radiological reports.

  • Electronic auditable records
  • Updates sent on opening and closure
  • Full response within 7 days

InSight is a secure web based portal, without need to download and install any client.

It is safer and more effective than email based communication, and holds discrepancy data indefinitely, providing a permanent governance history.

It is a very powerful tool for local radiology REALM and governance meetings.

Emergency reporting

Our emergency service, providing 24/7 diagnostic reporting and support for acute care settings.

Emergency reporting

Elective reporting

Safe, timely and responsive reporting to manage your key elective performance targets.

Elective reporting

Specialist services

Clinically specialised, timely and responsive reporting available to deliver excellent patient care.

Specialist reporting