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Our teleradiology services help you quickly diagnose and care for your patients more efficiently and with confidence. We are the first choice for NHS-backed teleradiology support, trusted to partner with more than 50% of NHS Trusts across the UK.

Fast and effective turnaround times leading on quality

Successful delivery to more than 100 NHS Trusts

Industry-leading clinical oversight and leadership

Access to an international network of over 750 reporters

Award-winning AI implementation with dedicated pathways for stroke and major trauma

Teleradiology reporting

Offering urgent, elective, specialist and 24/7 emergency reporting, our specialised, clinical teams provide high-quality teleradiology services that offer essential support to hospitals to ensure early diagnosis and improve each patient’s experience and outcome. 

Secure data management processes in place, urgent findings, discrepancies, reporter queries and feedback gives you peace of mind that we deliver safe, transparent and effective communication.

Award-winning AI built into our teleradiology workflow

At Medica, in partnership with, we’ve built Augmented Intelligence into our acute workflow, for faster detection of intracranial haemorrhage, ensuring the best possible outcomes for healthcare organisations and their patients.

As part of our Nighthawk Emergency reporting service, we use the AI-powered CT Brain solution, including the qER decision support tool to analyse non contrast imaging for possible abnormalities and critical findings. This is integrated into our skilled radiologists’ diagnosis and helps prioritise reporting where there is a clinical need, as well as reducing reporting times and costs overall and improving the clinical accuracy and quality of reports.

Learn more about how we use AI in our acute reporting here.

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Our teleradiology reporting services


Providing safe, timely, and responsive elective reporting to ensure the delivery of excellent patient care.

Elective reporting


Fast teleradiology reporting for urgent scans turned around the same day, when you need it, to relieve in-patient pressures.

Urgent reporting


Pioneering emergency reporting in under 30 minutes, 24/7, with dedicated pathways for stroke and major trauma.

Emergency reporting


Clinically specialised, timely and responsive reporting to deliver the very best care for your patients.

Specialist reporting

“Medica is proactive, providing detailed reports and highlighting trends on referral rates and the number of scans accepted so that we have oversight of the service and potential future demand.”

Dr Ketul Patel
Consultant Radiologist
Clinical Lead for Diagnostics and Support Services
Croydon University Hospital

Medica partners with Croydon Health Services NHS Trust to provide NightHawk and Elective and Specialist reporting support. The partnership has been in place for over 10 years.

Quality Assurance

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