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A team of specialist radiologist reporters dedicated to delivering the very best care for your patients.

A global network of 750+ specialist doctors and consultant radiologists

years working in partnership with more than 100 NHS Trusts

Medica's specialist services

With our specialist radiologists and consultant radiologist reporters, we have the expertise to deliver timely and accurate reporting for the below services.

Cardiac CT and MR

Reporting of MR and CT coronary artery calcium scoring, angiography and TAVI, for the assessment of structural heart disease and congenital heart disease, using TeraRecon software for image viewing.

Cardiac reportingCardiac leaflet

CT Colonography

Reporting for symptomatic CT Colonography examinations (CTC) based upon recognised standards and using TeraRecon software.

CT Colonography reportingCT Colonography leaflet

PET CT and Nuclear Medicine

Specialist reporting of PET CT and a range of nuclear medicine examinations, using dedicated software to fuse image data and identify and track lesions.

PET CT/Nuclear Medicine reportingPET CT/Nuclear Medicine leaflet

CT Cone Beam

Reporting for maxillofacial and dental referrals from both NHS hospitals and smaller dental practices.

CT Cone Beam reportingCT Cone Beam leaflet


Specialist DEXA reporting with full lifestyle recommendations delivered by Consultant Rheumatologists using Celma software.

DEXA reportingDEXA leaflet


Independent audit services for NHS and independent healthcare organisations, designed to provide regular departmental quality assurance or support specific tailored scenarios.

Audit reportingAudit leaflet

MRI Prostate

Our specialist consultants deliver dual and multiparametric analysis reporting of Prostate MRI to the latest PIRADS standards, using TeraRecon software.

MRI Prostate reportingMRI Prostate leaflet

Working with Medica

Fast, accurate reporting 24/7, 365 days of the year

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate reporting and have an extensive range of reporting times available across our Emergency, Same Day and Elective reporting services, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Quality assurance

We’ve implemented detailed quality assurance processes to ensure our radiology reporting meets the highest standards.

Flexible capacity to meet your needs

With an internationally growing team of reporters working across a whole host of subspecialities, we can provide the reporting you need, when you need it.

Access to patient information

 Our reports include everything you need including patient information, reports and imaging, so you won’t even need to involve local hospital staff, creating time efficiencies.

"Medica provides us with reporting for a wide array of CT examinations, which includes cardiovascular and cardiothoracic scans. We originally decided to outsource to Medica because we trusted in their strong clinical quality and access to all the wider patient information. We have confidence in the service that Medica provide us with."

Darren McGuinness
Service Line Manager for Radiology

Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital is a specialist trust which serves a catchment area of 2.8 million people across the North West by delivering expert cardiac care and research. Medica supports the trust by providing a remote reporting solution to assist the imaging department.

Our Quality Assurance

Emergency reporting

Our emergency reporting service provides 24/7 diagnostic reporting and support for acute care settings.

Emergency reporting

Specialist services

Our team of experts can report on a wide variety of specialist services including cardiac CT, PET CT, DEXA, MR Prostrate, CT colonography, and much more.

Specialist services

Urgent reporting

Prioritised reporting for urgent scans.

Urgent reporting

Elective reporting

Secure, timely, and responsive reporting to manage your key elective performance targets.

Elective reporting

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