Say goodbye to the daily commute

When it comes to work, there’s no place like home. Medica has set up over 75% of our reporters with a home workstation. Our reporters have the opportunity to work flexibly around their other life commitments, with expert support available at any time.

We’ll work with you to decide which of your subspecialities you’d like to focus on – because we want happy reporters doing work they enjoy.

All you need, is a stable and secure high speed broadband connection, and we’ll do the rest. If you move house, we’ll come with you, setting it all up again at your new place.

Benefits of working for Medica

Personal workstation

Supplied, delivered, and paid for by Medica

Flexible working

Built around you

Reporting with the full picture

Access to prior reports and images

Career development

Always learning

Other ways you can work for Medica


We’re global – work with us wherever you are.

Where we are in the world

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