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Join us as we continue to scale internationally

We invite you to be part of our growing, international teleradiology team, either as an employed or freelance radiologist in India.

Medica now offers unsurpassable opportunities to report from India. Our reporters in India enjoy being close to family and can earn as much as they would in the UK (or more) and have the flexibility to work as little or as much as it suits them. Medica has the highest volume of work in teleradiology and it is possible to report from anywhere in India as long as there is a good Wi-Fi connection. We have reporters working from towns such as Aligarh, Hissar, Pondicheery, Bangalore, Ludhiana and Delhi.

Employed by Medica

You can report for us as an employed radiologist on a full-time contract. As such, you would benefit from


Guaranteed salary


Annual leave

Study leave


Alternatively, you can report as a freelance teleradiologist, allowing greater flexibility for the number of hours you report each week. Both ways of reporting for Medica allow you to be part of Medica’s community of 750+ doctors and specialists around the world.

You will need to have:

NHS training or two years experience as a consultant radiologist

An Indian or UK bank account

UK GMC specialist registration

The benefits of reporting for Medica

Join Medica's international network of 750+ radiologists

Acquisition of leading CPD provider, JCA Seminars, to provide our radiologists with ongoing learning opportunities

Access to over 50% of the NHS, giving access to all areas of radiology

Consistently the highest volume of work in teleradiology, allowing for uncapped earning potential

A personal workstation delivered to your door and paid for by Medica

Opportunities to work with Medica Group companies to further your career

Registrar justification calls for NightHawk allowing radiologists to report without distraction

Medica arrange indemnity for reporters based in India

Free access to StatDX

Seminars and monthly case reviews to gain CPD points with the opportunity to teach

Flexible working that works for you

Opportunity to be trained in audit and appraisals

Full revalidation and annual appraisal support

Around the clock IT support, 365 days of the year

Access to prior reports and images so you can see the full picture

Staff engagement opportunities – give you a voice

Medica's clinical lead in India

Radiology lead India

Dr. Sonal Krishan

Dr. Sonal Krishan is a dedicated consultant radiologist with a subspecialty interest in body and GI imaging. She has been involved in research in hepatobiliary MRI, automating imaging interpretation, and developing consensus for liver imaging in India. Initially based at Leeds University NHS Trust Hospital as a registrar, she progressed to work there as a consultant radiologist. Currently, she serves as the Associate Director of Body and GI Imaging at Medanta, New Delhi.

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