MEDICA Group’s COO, Sarah Burns and Innovation Lead, Michael Harrison will be attending The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) Artificial Intelligence in imaging event this week in London where people are gathering to learn and discuss how the world of medical imaging can be more intelligent in its use of informatics and through the appropriate use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer-aided diagnosis may be able advance healthcare in the UK.

The event will focus on informatics in medical imaging and cover diverse areas such as the role of PACS, RIS and decision support systems. Other areas highlighted are artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer-aided diagnosis with appropriate clinical applications.

Educational aims:

  • To learn about the fundamentals of imaging informatics and its clinical utility
  • To understand the latest technologies available for diagnosis using artificial intelligence techniques such as neural networks and deep learning
  • To explore the implications of imaging informatics on the future of radiology including training

The BIR will also have an Artifical Intelligence stream at this year’s Annual Congress.

MEDICA Group hopes to stay at the forefront of technological developments in healthcare through continued investment, exploration, innovation and educational opportunities such as these events to stay informed about developments in the emerging technology.

More information on this event, including a full programme, can be found here.