Medica is proud to announce the debut of its latest initiative, the MedPod: Radiology podcast. The first episode, titled “Radiology Roundtable: Inspiring Inclusion”, launched today in celebration of International Women’s Day.

In this captivating 45-minute episode, listeners are treated to enlightening discussions led by three distinguished female speakers: Dr. Sarah Perrin, Dr. Sue Barter, and Dr. Ruchi Sinnatamby.

Dr Sarah Perrin

Sarah has been a member of the Medica Clinical Leadership team since 2022, serving as the clinical lead for appraisal, showcasing her dedication to advancing radiology practices.

Dr. Sue Barter

With leadership roles in hospitals including Luton and Dunstable, as well as Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, Dr. Barter has made substantial contributions to the success of the NHS Breast Screening Programme. Sue also reports for Medica part-time.

Dr. Ruchi Sinnatamby 

Celebrated for her contributions to radiology education, Dr. Ruchi Sinnatamby serves as a consultant radiologist at Cambridge University Hospital and Clinical Sub-Dean.


Listen to learn about Ruchi’s work with women, focusing on maximising their careers and achieving a work/life balance to help avoid professional burnout. Additionally, we hear from Sarah that working as a radiologist can be an exciting and rewarding career involving lots of collaboration, dispelling the myth that all radiologists work in isolation in dark rooms. Lastly, find out why Dr. Sue Barter has been referred to as the “bikini radiologist”!

Listeners can access the episode here. Join us as we embark on this journey of knowledge-sharing and collaboration in radiology. Stay tuned for future episodes of our MedPod: Radiology podcast, where we continue to explore the latest trends and developments in the field.