Darren Dacosta – MedPath Project Lead 

Embarking on the challenge of managing the creation and launch of a histopathology service for Medica, the largest teleradiology company in the UK, supporting over 50% of the NHS, was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Shaping our offering to align with the dynamic landscape and demands on the NHS was not only challenging but absolutely crucial. This accomplishment owes its success to the exceptional teams involved, both within Medica and our external providers.

 Our journey thus far has been anything but a sprint; it has been a marathon of dedication and innovation. MedPath’s solution is far from a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, we’ve crafted a transformative model that supports the shift towards integrated and high-quality healthcare. It revolves around tailoring solutions based on clients’ individual requirements, both in the present and the future. In this era of innovation in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, MedPath has been established not only to streamline clinical and operational workflows but also to ensure the quality and affordability of the service. Additionally, our mission extends to supporting the adoption of new technology and innovation. Recognising the widening demand-capacity gap within histopathology, our overarching goal is to assist the NHS in efficiently managing every patient’s diagnosis, translating to swift treatment decisions and improved outcomes.

Opened in late 2023, our new pathology hub, situated in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK, is the hub of our operations. Equipped with a digital scanner, it enables us to digitise glass slides for reporting from our esteemed team of UK-based histopathologists. As we gear up for phase 2, where we will begin accepting digital images for reporting, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering.

 To complement our scanning and reporting service, MedPath is developing a comprehensive and fully managed suite of services to our clients:

  •  Triage and workflow management: Enhancing the effectiveness, value and clinical accuracy of histopathology systems and processes.
  • Maximising client internal capacity: Providing supplementary administration and specialist reporting resources during times of high demand.
  • Performance metrics improvement: Streamlining the reporting process within KPIs to enhance local performance metrics against national targets.
  • Cancer waiting times support: Committed to supporting timely access to cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • MDT support: Facilitating multi-disciplinary team collaboration for comprehensive patient care.

MedPath is not merely a service; it is a commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation, efficiency, and dedication. Our story is one of continuous progress, and we are set to redefine the future of histopathology.