Specialist prostate MRI reporting

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Quality prostate MRI reporting

Our MR prostate radiology reporting services deliver in-depth analysis of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, specifically focused on the prostate. Within this specialised service Medica’s clinician-led teams use dual and multiparametric analysis reporting of prostate MRI to the latest PIRADS standards with TeraRecon software. Our reporters offer valuable insights for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment planning.

Working directly with you, we’ll ensure that our prostate MRI radiology reports are provided directly back into your local reporting system securely. MRI reports are made with access to all wider patient information, scans, reports and imaging to ensure the same level of service is delivered whether we’re in-person, or remote.

Working together

Part of our specialist reporting services, we will work with you to ensure exams are identified, reconstructed correctly and that a suitable reporting panel is applied. Our MR prostate teleradiology services help enhance the overall efficiency of prostate healthcare, providing a range of benefits such as faster access to reports from experts, plus more efficient workflows that help make healthcare providers’ lives easier.

Technology-backed reporting

Using the advanced technology of TeraRecon iNtuition for reporting MRI prostate exams, this is fully integrated with the Medica PACS and provides a seamless experience for reporters to access a wide range of advanced visualisation tools for precise and comprehensive reporting on prostate MRIs.

Working with Medica

Fast, accurate reporting 24/7, 365 days of the year

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate reporting and have an extensive range of reporting times available across our Emergency, Same Day and Elective reporting services, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Quality assurance

We’ve implemented detailed quality assurance processes to ensure our online radiology and prostate MRI reporting meets the highest standards.

Flexible capacity to meet your needs

With an internationally growing team of reporters working across a whole host of subspecialties, we can provide the reporting you need, when you need it.

Access to patient information

Our prostate MRI reports include everything you need including patient information, reports and imaging, so you won’t even need to involve local hospital staff, creating time efficiencies.

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